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Alex meets his new cousin Bronwyn
Bronwyn Katie Parry Bronwyn Katie Parry held by her aunty Becky
Mums got another baby! Alex Sue Simon Becky and Bronwyn
January to June 2002
Builders bum alex and the cat flap
If i wish real hard will you become food? alex
I always seem to end up messy pipa feeding alex
Hey I can see right up your nose alex, angela and robin
Caught in the act alex and robin
Roger, am I allowed on dads chair? alex on my chair
Comfy recliner alex and richard
Waht a load of balls! alex in a ball pool
Helooooo...whens my favorite program start? alex looking into a washing machine
The future of afraid world Alex Kathryn Robert and Rosyln
Awwww Eghamite children at BBQ
Errr Nem roz is escaping People at Bb and FAs BBQ on the lawn
Hey Robert I found the beer! Splurge Robert Alex and Kathryn
Im tired Becky,Robin,Alex, Jason and Angela
Come on mum let me past dads taking photos again Becky and Alex
Aww why cant I eat cat food? alex near the cat food
Coo the floors clean alex on the kitchen floor
Dad your leg tastes funny Alex licking Vincents leg
As long as you dont use me! Alex at teh bowling alley
Forget balls im bowling this alex with his pushchair
Some of that went in alex being fed
We should play this one Alex with some CDs
Ere guv, let us out alex at the stairgate
I like to get a new perspective Becky holding alex upside down
I have a grape! Sue, alex and becky
All dressed up Alex and Becky
Ooops mis-filed Lucy in a filing cabinet
Angela and Alex Angela and Alex
Im gonna nick your pen Alex and Robin
He is my uncle? Alex, Angela and Graham in the Kings hotel grantham
Grandfather and Grandson Robin holding alex
Eeeek Alex looking Startled
Look no hands Alex drinking drinking his bottle
Socks are a source of fiber! Alex chewing on a sock
December (Christmas) 2001
The holiday season catches up with Alex Xmas nap

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