Chester Zoo day out

On the 5th April 2003 we arranged to visit the zoo with Beckys brothers family. We made the trip to the Zoo and met up inside.
Arriving around - 10.30
Is everybody ready Becky Josh and Alex in the Zoo car park
Ready Josh Becky Josh and Alex in the zoo car park
That way! Chester Zoo entrance
Pretty lady Becky checking the guide book
Snack in the cafe whilst waiting - 10.50
Num Num! Alex and Becky eating lunch
Ri no Black Rhino
where to go? park map
Whassat? Simon Bronwyn Sue Alex Becky
There over there somewhere Elephants in the distance
Ri nu Ri noo yes alex thats right Rhino
More rhino Black rhino
Rhino under tree Rhino under tree
Mummy loves me Alex and Becky
Awwwww Simon Bronwyn Sue
Look dad Ducks! Ducks
Awwww ducklings Ducks and Ducklings
A little monky and a chimp Sue holding alex
Rest time Simon Sue Becky Josh Alex and Bronwyn
Waiting for the train taht never comes Waiting for the monorail
Trains due soon Sue at the monorail
Yay a train Train arriving
Ooooh a train ride Alex and Josh
Look dad a ri no Alex
Becky got the camera Vincent
Look animals! Alex
Dad hugged me! Vincent and Alex
Look dad animals Vincent Alex
Comfy ride Alex looking out the window
Look dad ib...ibise...ibees...deer with horns! Alex pointing
Taking it all in Joshua asleep
Beautiful woman Becky
Bronnys interested too Sue and Bronwyn
Look dad theres bronwyn Alex looking back
Sleeping lions Lions
I hate being reigned in Sue with alex on his leash
Feeding time at the Zoo Becky feeding josh
Aunt Sue wont let me off the leash Alex Sue
Baloons! Baloons
Dad got me this? Alex and his baloon
Hmmmm Alex and his baloon
Just dont call him a monkey orangutan up a pole
Wheres the other child Becky and Alex
Familys together Group shot
Giraffes Giraffe
Baby giraffe Baby giraffe
Giraffes Giraffes

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