Visit to grandparents

On the 27th of May 2003 the family went down to portsmouth to visit Beckys parents.
Grandparents visit 27th May 2003
I'm not pensive, I'm thinking Josh at grandparents
Thomas the Tank Engine in a box Nanny gives Alex Thomas
3 Hours later Nanny is still trying to get through the childproof wrapping Nanny gets thomas out of the box
Finally Thomas is unpacked and ready to fly nanny, Mummy, Alex & Thomas
Nanny & Alex reading Thomas The Tank Engine - anyone noticing a theme? Nanny & Alex read Thomas
Josh helps out with the longer words Nanny & Alex, Gramps & Josh reading
Mummy's reading and someone's stopped listening Mummy & Alex
Who says dinnertime gets in the way of the cricket score? Gramps and Josh
Look fish Mummy, Alex and fish

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