Serial recive is achived with the following code

;; Called from main interupt vector as RBO edge is only active interupt source
;;  it came from there!
        ;; Soft UART - simplex :(
        ;; first recive a byte at the pre-set baud rate 8Data No Parity X stop
_rx_byte:                                   ; 5 ; well 3-4 (interupt latency)
        call        _delay4                 ; 4 ; delays 4 cycles total
        movlw       8                       ; 1 ; 8data No parity x stop
        bcf         PORTA,B_RS232_CTS       ; 1 ; drop CTS to stop any more
                                            ;       bytes being sent while were
                                            ;       dealing with this one
        call        _delay_x_9              ; 2 ; RS_TICKS-9
        bcf         STATUS,C                ; 1 ;
        skip1       PORTB,B_RS232_RxD       ; 1 ;
        bsf         STATUS,C                ; 1 ; C:=RS232_RxD
        rrf         RX_BYTE,F               ; 1 ;
        addlw       -1                      ; 1 ;
        jnz         _rx_bit                 ; 3 ; round for next bit

The explanation for this code is fairly simple.

RB0 is set up to generate an iterupt when it changes level from off to on. When this occours it causes this code to be entered (as per the comment). A deliberate delay of 9 instruction cycles is introduced. This is made up from two parts: The first is because our bit gathering loop has an overhead of 8 instructions after each sample (we are efectively sampling the start bit with the level change interupt). The second part is a single instruction overhead so we do not start our samples right on the start of each bit.

Part of this delay is used to set the number of bits to recive (8) in the w register.

The main sampling loop is then entered .