Bush STB IBX100 Open

The Bush Set Top Box Hardware

Just a quick disclaimer, if you fry something (especially yourself), even if something I say here is wrong, it is your problem! I have tried to make these details as accurate as possible but I accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions.


A lot of the information in this section was obtained by Gareth Simpson from Simtec who spent some time with me looking at data sheets and finding things out.

General Description

The circuit boards used in all the Bush devices are the same! There are differences in the video and power boards, the main board is attached to, but not in the main board itself.

Because of this I am only going to show and document the board from an IBX100. Aside from the video board, this description will apply no matter which unit you have, even the ones inside the TV's (So I am told).

The main items of interest on the board are


There are several changes that can be made to the board to improve various parts of the system.

Simtec have kindly said they will do the modifications presented here for a small fee to cover costs. Please contact them by email to request this service.

The Physical Board

To give a closer look at the board I have produced the imagemap below. Click in an area of interest to get an expanded view and description of the components and function of that area.

Please Note - This is my IBX100 and has had some minor modifications - I have noted these changes and explained them

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