Sipix Blink

Sipix Blink


Sipix blink gphoto2 driver camera images as captured from my sipix blink, these are examples of the hex format from the camera and need someone to figure out the format to make them useful.

The original windows USB transaction capture file.

A patch to add sipix support to Gphoto2.

A 640x480 image of my study.

some sample low-res (320x240) picts taken of my monitor displaying white/red/green/blue in the dark. I couldn't get a black image, because the camera errors out if there isn't enough light.

Things I've noticed: (which may be completely unhelpful)

0x4000 and 0x008 show up frquently when viewed under hexdump (ctrl values?)

the r/g/b picts came out to the same size, white however did not

Inside of the Sipix

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