24Cxxx EEProm Programmer

This is a patched version of Luca Ferretti's brilliant and much needed linux 24Cxxx programmer.

The original can be found on Luca Ferretti's website.

I would not ordinarily produce a seperate version (I dont like unecisary code forks) however I have tried to contact the author to no avail Luca has recently contacted me so hopefuly this page will go away soon untill untill the fixes for the 24C256 are included I will provide a patched tarball and the diff here.

The patched version only fixes the problems with reading from larger than 2048byte eeproms (ie 2 address bytes). To work with the picprog programmer hardware you will require an 8 pin chip carrier with pin 7 removed - this will allow writes to the eeprom.

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