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Alexander's birthday is 24th June

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Alex in the kitchen 27th July 2003
Boyz from the hood Alex and Josh in the kitchen
Big foot Alexs in Vincents shoes
2nd birthday 24th June 2003
2nd birthday 2003/birthday-24-06/dscf0029
Visit to grandparents 27th May 2003
Visit to grandparents 2003/portsmouth-29-05/dscf0024
Day out at National Railway Museum 27th April 2003
National Railway Museum day out 2003/national-railway-museum-27-04/DSCF0018-mod
Day out at Kirklees light railway 26th April 2003
Kirklees light railway day out 2003/kirklees-light-railway-26-04/DSCF0040
Alexs tidy room 19th April 2003
Daddy! Alex pointing
Wheres Alex? Alexs feet
There he is! Alex Pointing
Family day out to Chester Zoo 5th April 2003
Chester Zoo day out 2003/chester-zoo-05-04/DSCF0021
Family day out to Fountains Abbey 22nd March 2003
Fountains Abbey day out 2003/fountains-abbey-22-03/DSCF0011
Visiting Grandpatents 10th March 2003
Hug me all you like, just keep the biscuits coming Robin and Alex
Proud Grandfather Robin Alex and Josua
Vince Robin Alex and Joshua Vince Robin Alex and Joshua
Here ducky ducky ducky Alex chasing ducks
No duckk is safe Alex chasing ducks
Feeding ducks is fun Alex and Emma
No swiming today Alex and Emma

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