This is pick-set, it is a program to find random subsets of a given list of files, this set is constrained by a given target size and a percentage underun.

The current version is 0.3 See the Changelog for what has changed since the last revision.

Pick-set was created because I own a RIO 500 MP3 player and I wanted a random selection of music from my mp3 collection that didn't waste too much of the rio's precious (expensive!) memory.

There are no doubt other uses but this is what it was created for.

Usage Notes

I have several thousand mp3 files (I do not support piracy as I have all the originals, so don't ask, you cant have any of them!), these are some notes I have made while using pick-set.

Basic Setup

Basic Operation

command usage pick-set -s <size> [options] listfile...

Option Switches and their explanations
vVersionPrints the version infomation
hHelpDisplays brief command usage help
iInput from stdinOffsets the list input to come from stdin
wEnable weigthingOffTurns on weighting percentage checking
e <filename>Exclude listFile with list of entries to exclude
s <size>Target sizeOutput target size
p <10ths percent>Target percentage99.0%percentage of the target size that is acceptable specified in tenths of a percent to allow for greater flexibility with large file sizes.
f <number>Fidget max100See theory of operation for a more detailed explanation of this option.
d <level>debugOff - 0Turns debug output on.

Known Problems & Omissions

Theory of operation


See the licence file for more details

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